Azul Systems

Azul Systems 100% focused on Java and JVM

Looking for ways to reduce your operating costs while still being able to handle fluctuations in demand? Azul serves businesses and organizations that need to deliver server-based Java applications to their web-facing customers (travel, online retail, gaming, SaaS), meet specific latency targets for real-time business systems (ad networks, marketplaces capitals, communications) ensure timely security updates for your Java state or provide Java-based solutions for ISV, OEM, and other embedded use cases.

Azul is the only company in the world exclusively focused on Java and Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Founded in 2002, we are a privately held software company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with additional sales, support and engineering units worldwide.

Our subscription-based business serves the global Java community with our Azul Zing, Azul Zulu Enterprise, and Azul Zulu Embedded software platforms and support.

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