Founded in 2014, SecuPi (Gartner Cool Vendor) is led by seasoned security and enterprise IT veterans who previously invented Dynamic Data Masking.

SecuPi offers data-centric security with data flow discovery, real-time monitoring, behavior analysis and protection (column/row/cell level encryption, “Right of Erasure”) in on-premises and cloud operational and analytic applications and big data environments.

Leading organizations in the banking sector, from Insurance, telecom and healthcare deploy SecuPi to ensure sensitive data is accessed ​​on a "need-to-know" basis, providing industry-leading LGPD compliance technology, protecting against malicious and careless abuse.

Our policy engine centrally provides line- and field-level access controls, risk-based user activity auditing, and cross-platform monitoring. while meeting the technical requirements of privacy regulations (eg, LGPD, CCPA and GDPR) and cross-border data controls.

It protects sensitive data from malicious insiders' privilege abuse and credential theft using Behavior Analytics models.

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